Access to other domain calendars (GApps) - problem

Hey guys. I am currently trialling eMClient and it looks like it’s a great alternative for us, however, before we’ll commit to buying it I need one question answered…

In our organisation, each person has a calendar set up on GoogleApps. Then, we have a couple of shared calendars, like for booking the meetings and so on. What I want to do is to set up each person’s computer so they can see all the calendars, not only theirs.

At the minute I am having one account set up for Mail, Calendar and Contacts - and it works well. But then when I am adding another account (‘CalDAV’ type) with the url I’ve grabbed from Google and the same credentials as the person’s account, it doesn’t display at all in eMclient. Adding it with no credentials invokes an error.

I have to say that it’s a puzzle to me, especially because adding a calendar through Google Calendar interface results in this calendar being nicely displayed in the web version of the service.

Could you please advise? Thanks.


yes this will be available in version 4 released next week.

Best regards


Hey Jerry

I’ve updated my eMclient but still cannot figure out how to add different calendars in. Could you please advise? Thanks.

version 4 is to be released the next week.
Highly probably we’ll be able to post a link
for a beta version of v. 4 today, which
should resolve your issues. Once
the beta is ready, we’ll post it here to forum.

You can try 4.0 beta if you can’t wait anymore.

Hey there - I can wait for the version 4, if it hits this week. Thanks!