Access to Google contacts Group information

It would be really nice if I could access the Contact/Group information of my Gmail account. Many times I want to send emails to my entire Family, or my Neighbors.

For example in Gmail, I can send an email to Family and the Group is expanded to all the members.


Groups are displayed as categories in eM Client. You will need to select contacts you want to send email to (in Contacts tab), e.g. of one category (group in Gmail), right-click at them and choose Send Message from the menu.

Yes, I see that but it is not very convenient. Even if I sort the contacts by category it is possible that a contact belongs to several categories, and then selecting all the members of the group is not that easy.

It will be better if we had a way to select all the members of a category.

You can create custom search folder for contacts in category and then use the instructions with that.

Ok that would work.