Access emails on new hard drive

How do I access emclient now - I have had my laptop hard drive reinstalled?
It is not allowing me access with my email and password.

Can you explain “reinstalled”?

My original hard drive wasn’t working effectively so I have had a new hard drive installed.

Did you install Em CLient on the new drive?

Yes, but it’s only letting me access the last week’s emails and all my contacts have gone.

So you were able to access eMC…??
When you installed did you restore your eMC backup?
What exactly did you do after installing eMC?

jueves 26 agosto 2021 :: 1956hrs (UTC +01:00)


Hopefully you will have a backup ZIP from the installation on your old drive;
copy this backup to your new installation and run restore:
Menu ->File ->Restore

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Yes, I’ve been able to access emclient. I wasn’t able to backup because hard drive stopped working. When I downloaded with new drive it gave me access to last 50 emails and my contacts have gone.

Who is your email host?
Are you using Imap or POP3?
Are you able to login to your email host to see if there are other messages?
Any error messages come along with the 50 emails?

jueves 26 agosto 2021 :: 2028hrs (UTC +01:00)


OK, you weren’t able to run backup, however,did you have none prior to the issue?

For your contacts:

Go to Menu ->Settings ->General and make sure that Show Local Folders is selected.
Now go to the Contacts section of eM Client, and click on each folder in turn.
Do you now see the contacts anywhere?

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Email host is talk talk
IMAP for incoming and smtp for outgoing
Messages on emc are mirroring what’s on the webmail but that’s just a tenth of what was actually there.
No error messages.

No there are no contacts there.

So if I understand what you are saying, your email host only has 50 emails and you do not have a backup, then not sure where you think we can go from here.

One last question - if I was able to get into the old hard drive would emc emails and contacts be there?

Did you do backups? Copy to a zip drive
or copy this folder to the zip drive C:\Users\XXXXXXX\AppData\Roaming\eM Client (XXXXXXX = change to what you use on your system)

No, we didn’t do backups - the laptop was working then it stopped working!
So does that mean they won’t be there?

I gave you 2 options. Based on your response option 2 is the only one, IF you can get access to the drive.

Okay, thanks for your help :+1:

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jueves 26 agosto 2021 :: 2055hrs (UTC +01:00)


Before you do anything else make a backup now: Menu ->Backup

There will not be any backups unless you had set eMC to make them, however,
If you can access the old drive…
Go to C:\Users\your unique user name\AppData\Roaming\eM Client
If you can’t see this file open File Explorer ->on the header ->View ->Check Hidden Items
Copy the eM Client folder and contents to a USB
You might be able if you have this folder to rescue something.
Let me know if you recover the folder.

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So, I’ve got the old hard drive plugged into the laptop and this is where I’ve got to.
Windows(E): >Users >username >AppData >Roaming
and emClient is listed as one of the folders. I don’t know what to do from here. Copy the whole folder? If yes, how do I get that info onto my new eclient?