Access CARDDAV emClient 5.0.1825.0 to Kerio Connect 8.1.2

We use an EM-client in connection with Kerio Connect 8.1.3.
The connection is realized via IMAP for mail, the connection to the calendar CALDAV. Both works so far without problems.
The connection via CardDAV, however, shows only empty public folder without any entries.
Locally imported address book entries have been moved over the EM client to the public folder. About the Kerio Web Client, these entries are also visible, the emClient does not indicate this.
The connection is set up as follows:….
The rights for the user of the public folder is set to administrator.

How can we solve this problem?

I have made ​​a mistake in the description:
the connection is set up as follows for CardDAV:…


please send me CadDAV/CalDAV logs, Tools - Settings - Advanced, mark of CardDAV/CalDAV under your account, apply and restart eM Client.

after this try to synchronize and send logs… to [email protected]

together with this topic’s URL:…

after this you can disable logging.


Hello Mr. Galis,

I have send you the Log-FILES for my Questions.
Any Ideas for solve the Problem?



I am not sure if I have received your logs. I have no not answered emails (I do not count emails I got over weekend and today morning).

and in unread emails is no logs under this topic’s URL or at least it’s subject.

can I ask you to check if you have sent them to my address or you have made any mistake in my email?
If yes can you write me at least your @domain part of your email so I can double check?

best regards

Send the log-files and screenshots a second time to adress [email protected]



I have received some CardDAV logs. I will read them, consult them with devs but I am not sure if they are yours.

is your email starting on info@ and ending at .de?

best regards