Accepting calendar event invites from Outlook users

Anytime that an event invitation is sent to me from an Outlook user:

  • it takes a few efforts to accept the invitation
  • when it does appear in my calendar, it shows in white (a different colour to my calendar)
  • when I open the event, it shows my participation status as nothing. When I confirm and go back in , it still says there is a blank participation status
  • on my iPhone, the event shows that I haven’t accepted the event either (when I have already tried to accept the invite in EM client)

This is frustrating - I just left Thunderbird because of calendar issues and I am happy with EM Client apart from this but all my clients are business users and I need to be able to manage Outlook invites properly.before I subscribe


what version of eM Client are you using? It should be fixed in version 5 …