Accept invitest for on email sync with Google calendar


I got a calendar event invitation on my mail This mail adress is connect to Google Cal, but not via Email cal (in Em Client I have 2 accouts - mail and Google calendar/contacs for 1 mail).

When I want to accept the invitation, i get window: No default folder for the calendar to account ‘’ has not been determined. Select it now please.

Then when i want to select corresponding folder from the menu I get window with: The selected folder does not belong to this account CalDAV or not a component events. Please select the appropriate folder.

What can I do?



Hi Pavel, if you’re using an IMAP account without a calendar service and need to assing your google calendar as the default calendar. Please navigate to Tools > Accounts > Your account, you should have the option to setup the default folders for your calendars, tasks and contacts.

Select a calendar to setup the folder as default, however note you have to select a calendar folder not the calendar account in the list.

Hope this helps,