Accept invite when the "TO" is to all and not your email address

When an invite that was sent to “all” i get “You are neither organizer or attendee of this scheduling item” and unable to add event to calander

it’s better if he sends you saved event (right click at it and choose Save As… from menu or drag&drop it to compose email window) and you import (menu File->Import…->Import events from iCalendar (.ics) or drag&drop it from email again) it to your calendar.

Thank you for your prompt response.
Most of the company uses the google web email and when you get the invite on the web you have the option to save the event.
I think that logically if an invite get’s to you, you should have the option to accept/save it to your calander.

I am sorry, I misunderstood your issue first.
Unfortunately, we don’t support this collective kind of invitation at the moment but we plan to change it and it will be available with one of the next updates.