About to ditch emClient due to non-support and unable to activate.

OK so I reported this already and got nowhere. I have an activation code for a free account. I can’t activate. I have looked thru all the similar issues in the forums. I have tried to contact EM Client Inc. I am about to uninstall this and go back to Thunderbird out of necessity as the native email app in Windows 8 is a bigger piece of garbage than Congress. I am getting "Problem has occurred when contacting the Licensing Server-Unable to generate a temporary class (result=1). Error CS2001: Source File ‘C:\windows\temp\wpkmrbyw.0.cs’ could not be found. error CS2008: No inputs specified. I am open to suggestions as I have already set up my email, been thru the issues with Google and authentication, and now am about to ditch this app due to this issue and lack of response.

Try to run eM Client as Administrator and let me know if it helps.

Mr Wilson. Thanks a lot. It works… I have updated as well. Thanks again


thank you for your information on this issue :slight_smile: