About the column "Folder"

The column “Folder” should display the name of the folder of each specific email. Displaying “All Mail” as it currently does doesn’t make any sense…

This is a Gmail thing.  There are only three folders in Gmail-- All Mail, Trash and Junk.  All emails reside in the All Mail folder and have “flags” to determine a “category” (which looks like a folder in eM Client).  An email may have several categories or folders, so eM Client would not know which “folder” to display.

Yes, I understand the Gmail mechanism to maintain order based on labels and filtering. For many years I used Outlook as a client with around 150 folders and I found that it is the best way (for me at least) to manage large number of emails and still have a good overview.
The folders can be created directly in Outlook or will be generated automatically based on the labels and filters of Gmail. I started to test eM Client because Gmail/Outlook synch problems. Additionally since 1 month ago Outlook is not willing to accept my Gmail account.
I also use the categories in eM Client independently of Gmail (Gmail doesn’t have categories).
Anyhow, as I see it eM Client has all the information about my labels (folders look-alike) and they are displayed on the left as a folder tree. Technically it should be possible to display the same information related to each email in the folder column. As I see it it doesn’t make any sense to have a column named “Folder” if the only possible information displayed there is “All Mail”