About Folder Mail Sync Error

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My mail installed as Exchange does not automatically show the incoming mails in the unread mails folder. I have to click on the folder to download the mail first and show it in the unread folder. Is this a problem as a setting or is it a special case to exhange account? because there is no problem on the Gmail side.

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The Inbox should sync in real-time, and the other folders should sync according to these settings:

The other folders will also individually sync immediately you select them, as you have discovered.


That way in my settings. I just set it for 1 minute. Strangely unread it doesn’t show the mail in the folder. First I have to go to its own folder to get the mail and it shows 3 dots next to it. Is it possible to delete the program and reinstall it or delete and install the mail account?

Yes, you can remove the account from eM Client and add it again. Go to Menu > Accounts, select the Exchange account and click on the delete icon.

Then you can add it again.

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I deleted the account and reinstalled it, but the 90% folder does not automatically update and does not show in the unread folder. In some very rare folders it does. I wonder what exactly is the error message in the picture? Could this be the source of the problem?