Ability to keep e-mails up while opening Tasks as well

I find myself regularly sending e-mails to remind customers about warranty renewals - which are listed as tasks in the program. I’m having to open the task section, open the individual task, then get out of the tasks window and go back to the e-mails to send the e-mail. I After that I have to go back to the task section again to choose the next task, bring it up, click back to e-mail section, etc. etc. etc… Very tedious and lots of clicking.
Am I missing something? does no one else ever need to send e-mails in regards to various tasks?

Well, you can open more than one eM Client window if that helps.

Just right-click on the Tasks button in the lower left and choose Open in new window.

That’ll do it for me. Sorry I didn’t figure that one out on my own.

On Google Web I can open an email and convert it to Task. The task will appear in Google calendar with the associated email. The same will be true in Android Mobile. The task will appear in the Task and Calendar Apps along with the link to the associated email.

When above tasks are created on the Google Web or Android Mobile, they appear quite well in eM Client. However the associated email does not appear with the Task unlike on Google Web or on Android mobile.

I am not sure if the above is a bug or issue by design in eM Client.