Ability to hide multiple folders

Enable to hide multiple folders together. I have a LOT of folders, and it takes FOREVER to hide them all.

Hi, we do not plan to implement this as we have to focus on more required features at this moment.


But you have this. I found it. You right-click on the imap account root folder, and pick “show/hide folders”.

I guess you didn’t know about that feature.

I did not explain myself well.


I was probably confused, it happens a lot in semestral exams time in the year. I will mark it as implemented.
your way is of course exactly like it was designed.

So I am sorry for my confusion again and thank you for pointing it out.


It is NOT solved! You can only select 1 folder at a time to change it.  I have hundreds and only want to show about 10.  Why no multiple select, or “Hide All” or something?

Hi Tom, this is unfortunately not possible, we’ll consider adding the option into future releases of eM Client, however note hiding the folders in eM Client will not stop the synchronization of this folder, this option is included to save space in the left pane when having multiple accounts in eM client.

But you should be able to select which folders will or will not be synchronized over IMAP in your email account settings.

Hope this helps,

Any possibilty to hide certain accounts? Like im using gmail account only for calender but will get contacts anyway since its a calender/contact setup and setting up a caldav/carddav sync with contacts will also net you the calendar part.

I really dig that we can use like any kind of service in EM client but would be really nifty to be able to hide certain unused accounts to keep it more clutterfree and only have the accounts that are actually used.


Hi John, you can enable or disable the specific services for each account to disable the sync of this option, it will however also hide the account’s folders regarding this service from being displayed in the sidebar.

To disable a service navigate to your accounts settings, e.g. Tools > Accounts > Your Gmail account > IMAP/SMTP/Calendar and Contacts, for each service you can disable the sync by disabling the “enable service” option.

Some accounts however may be using a protocol that synchronizes some items together, e.g. Gmail is using the GData protocol to synchronize both Calendars and Contacts, so it’s not possible to disable contacts sync only.

Hope this helps,

Hey Paul and thanks for your swift answer :slight_smile:

Yes I already know that about the services but my question is really if you could push to make an update so that we can rather hide the individual services. It can get really cluttery fast. 

Another example is if you got 1 imap account configured and then you store your contacts on the local account. Then you get the local mail service folder aswell along with a local calendar and events which isnt used at all in many cases

Hope this is something you could remedy!


Best Regards / John

Not really sure what you have in mind, as I suggested by disabling the service, you will also hide the service from appearing, e.g. disabling the SMTP service, won’t allow you to select the account to send from. Disabling the calendar will hide the items from eM Client as well.

If you want to disable local folders you can do so in Tools > Settings > General > Show local folders.

Hope this helps,

Yeah sorry if im being unclear but I took a printscreen to easier explain.

This particular setup has 2 calendar accounts and then one local account is needed to store contacts in (Need it for certain purpose). And what I would like is the option to hide the unused parts of each account.

For contacts I only want the local folders to be visible and totally hide the “mail.citynetwork” one and the gmail one while on the calendar tab I would want both of them but hide the local folder one

The most obvious example for majority of users (I think) is that they configure EM client for 1 imap mail account and then store contacts in the “local account” folder. They do however then also get local folders in the email tab (along with all the other tabs) which isnt used in many cases. So my question is if we just could hide a service from some tabs but not all :slight_smile:

This is unfortunately not possible in eM Client, you can however right click a selected folder and select “hide” which will move the message under a special parent folder allowing you to compress or extract the hidden folders for each account.

Unfortunately it won’t be possible to hide the “Local folders” parent folder for specified service only, maybe in future releases.


Ok thanks for your answers :slight_smile:

Im really happy with EM Client myself and have already talked several of my customers into using it and also have a few companies that were using thunderbird earlier but are gonna buy yours now as its a really good program to fetch your mail/calendar/contact needs (and tasks perhaps for some) and this is just a small annoyance which pop ups for me due to customer requests etc. Its not the end of the world really but good in a way to eliminate possible human errors when adding stuff into calendar or any other tab and the client/customer mistakenly clicks on the wrong service and then cant find their calendar post or task etc. Sure you could transfer your data so that everything is stored on a gmail/hotmail/imap & carddav account but some of my customers have invested too much time and/or effort into a specific service and dont want to ditch that.

If you decide to implement this feature for future releases, then please make it so you not only can hide individual services from just the local folders account but so that you can hide any non used service in a specific tab but keep it in other tab/s as mentioned.

Best Regards / John