Aaccidentally deleted the account and not able to point to the old data

I accidentally deleted the account. When I added a new account, I only see blank Inbox, and all my previous history is gone.
But when I browsed to the EM’s data folder, I am able to see my mail_data file is still large in size.
Can someone help me to either import this data or point to this data from the current configuration so I can restore my emails.
Any help would be highly appreciated.

try look into the trash folder of the account.
You can point your client to the database folder by menu Tools->Settings->Storage (default location is C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Roaming\eM Client or C:\Document and Settings\YourUsername\Application Data\eM Client). If it’s IMAP account data should be at server - if they’re not there (also with POP3) you need to ask your email provider to restore them from their backup.
You can also try to use some undelete utility on your disk to restore database directory (we can eventually repair it if you find some corrupted old one).

Hello Sir,
Thank you very much for your reply.
The problem is I deleted the account profile and not the data file.
Attached is the screen shot that shows the folder with the data file, but i accidentanly deleted the account profile, instead of clicking the NEW ACCOUNT, I clicked the DELETE ACCOUNT Button as shown in the account profile picutre.
Now If I recreate the same account, my old data is not showing up.
Is there a way to point to the old data after I recreate the account, I tried to point the Storage to the correct folder and it will not show my old data, as you can see i have a huge data.


I wasn’t able to simulate your problem. Don’t you see any emails in the folder you have in eM Client? It looks they should be there.

Hello ,
No I am not able to see any files at all.
I tried to recreate the account and point to the storage folder where my DAT file is, but all i am seeing is some emails as Unread but they are Trash emails.

i have attached the em view after I recreated the account.
any help would be greatly appreciated.


Did you try to browse/click at another folders than Global Inbox? Go through whole folders structure under Local Folders whether you don’t have them there.

I tried browsing all the folders nothing is there.

I am afraid it’s now impossible to restore your mails - you can only ask your email provider whether they don’t have some backups.

Never again this client. I remove Account and all email have ben deleted. I think that delete account is delete account and no delete Email !!!

If you delete POP3 account, your messages will be preserved in Local folders. If you delete IMAP account, it makes no sense to preserve the messages.