A year of emails lost.

Again I am asking for help in recovering a year’s worth of emails that have vanished.  All emails before that are intact as well as all other folders.   Updated to latest version with no recovery made.  Program works fine except for the lost emails.  Can anyone help?  Using Win 7 32 bit and hotmail.

Hi Jean, what mail service are you using, what version of eM Client are you currently using?
Can you please be a little more specific on the issue? Are you using an IMAP or a POP account? Are your emails available online in your web mail application?

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I am using hotmail.com and the version of eM Client is 6.0.20715.0.  I am using an IMAP account I believe as all my messages are on the web server for the year lost.I’m not sure of the difference between IMAP of POP.   Thanks, Jean

Hi Jean, so are you completely sure you’re using an IMAP connection then (you can check this in Tools > Accounts > Your account)? The difference between POP and IMAP is that IMAP keeps your email synchronized between your device and the mail server, POP only downloads newly received message, and stores the locally, so the connection does not reflect any changes for example when you delete an email or move it into another folder.

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I think it is a POP per your explanation but I cannot find anything indicating so in Accounts. Do you think I can get the missing emails back?

Hi again Jean, if this is a POP account you might have a chance of restoring these emails.
To check if this is indeed a POP account go to Tools > Accounts > Your account, and check if there’s an IMAP or a POP tab in the accounts window.

If this indeed is a POP account, please try to login to your webmail and check if the missing messages are still there.

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Hi Paul, I did as you said and there are no tabs for either a POP or IMAP account in the accounts window.  I did  log on to the webmail and my emails are there for the period that are missing in eM Client.   Thanks, Jean 

Hi again Jean, can you please make a screenshot of your account settings from Tools > Accounts > Your account?
What mail service are you using?

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I have just lost all my emails for the last 12 months as well.  Never had this problem before I just logged in today, and everything has gone, except for old emails.  I have logged in online instead and all my current emails are there, its just EM Client, which is upto date.

Hello, I’m afraid this might be due to using eM Client with a POP3 account - if you’re using the POP3 protocol for synchronising your data with the server, it is possible that the default POP3 account server settings have removed your items from the server, you can adjust this setting in Tools > Accounts > Your accounts > POP3 > Server settings, and adjust the server behaviour based on your preference.

Note however that while using this account type, you don’t have an existing backup of your data as POP3 doesn’t keep your items synchronised with the server.

Or are you using an IMAP account?


How come this has happened it has never happened in the past?  Ive been using EM client for many years.  Im not sure what kind of account I am  using.  I cant seem to find this out, search everywhere in account settings.  Plus I do not get the options, that Paul showed in his post.  When I click on accounts it only gives me an option of three tabs, General mail and diagnostics. 

sounds like this issue is happening on a hotmail account? We had previous problems with hotmail’s default mail service.
I recommend trying to manually re-enter your hotmail account as an IMAP or POP3 and see if the problem persists.

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