A totally awesome replacement for Outlook! ... almost

(Feature request)

After all these years finally someone has built a good email client. I am really impressed and will definitely be using this from now on, but unfortunately will need to continue using Outlook as my main email client because of one totally essential (for me) feature. This is the ability to quickly file an email after i have dealt with it. When i right-click and “move to” another folder, i would want what i have now, which is to right-click and say “file it”, followed by a selection of recently or most used folders, defaulting to where emails from or to the same address have been filed in the past. When sending emails i should also be prompted with the same dialog to file the sent message.

Without this featured it just takes way too much time to organize email, especially with the folders not being clearly separated with noticeable icons like Outlook’s yellow folders.

I know, you are saying that this is not a feature of Outlook, and you are right. I am using a plugin called Quick File from standss.com - something that i’ve been using for years, and it completely transforms the whole email experience because it saves so much time. I cannot do without it.

Aside from this, eM Client is very nearly perfect in my eyes. There are only a few small things i find missing -

* The ability to change font size on the listing of folder contents. I appreciate this in Outlook and have increased the size a point or two.

* As mentioned above, something that makes the hierarchy of folders and sub folders stand out better in the left pane. It is not easy to quickly pick out open folders with sub-folders in the list. Outlook does this quite well (i am using 2007).

* When i imported my mail from Outlook, eM Client missed a very large number of them (thousands probably). I am guessing that perhaps these ones were not fully compliant with the various RFCs that make up email standards, but there was no warning that a lot of my mail had been missing.

Other than that, eM Client is one very awesome piece of work that really stands out from the crowd of mediocre email programs.

Oops, my apoligies … The list font size changer is there, under Appearance > Lists. Sorry.

One other observation i forgot. When setting up an account i had endless problems with the correct email account details not being accepted for incoming POP3 (“fail”). Even when i switched to manual account setup it continued to tell me the details were wrong.  Finally i just set everything up completely manually, and even though it told me it wasn’t working, it was.

So far though, this is the only glitch i have found.