A selection which IMAP account is in the smart folder

I have 8 IMAP accounts but two of them I don’t want to see/manage in the smart folder. I just want to look at them one time a day. But if i ignore to read that mails I allways have unreaded Messages …

You could try using Advanced Search and creating a search folder. You
can specify what folders you want to work with and which ones to ignore.

Quick tip: if you are going to use search folders I suggest hiding smart
folders, just makes things easier to work with in my opinion.

Thanks a lot, will try it.



I was sort of looking for this. I dont want all my accounts to be seen in the smart folder. 

How can i manage this in a ‘smart’ way?


the only way to avoid this is really to use Search folders instead of Smart folders - Just use the Custom selection of Folders you want to see, like so:


Thanks, but the folder dissapears when restarting Emclient (7). When i try to make a new inbox the first inbox pops up again strangely…  I guess this should not dissapear or does it?