A Rackspace email account works fine with outlook but errors out with eM Client

Evaluating eM Client for my clients.  Using Rackspace email services, works fine with Outlook.
Same settings fail with eM Client.

6.02 eM Client
pop or imap
typical error log message is:
   21:10:40     “Unable to read data from the transport connection: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond.”

Maybe the default server timeout is just too short but I’m not finding an option to change it.

Any ideas?

Hi Jason,
have you made exceptions for eM Client in your windows firewall and anti-virus software? They could be the ones stopping eM Client from establishing the connection.

Best regards,

Well…antivirus isn’t doing anything and Outlook is working with the exact same settings and no firewall or av adjustments for Outlook?

Outlook as a Microsoft product has a different priority inside Windows compared to a third party application like eM Client.
Please try either making an exception in both the antivirus and Windows firewall for eM Client or just disable them for a while to see if it fixes the problem.


Ok,  turning off windows firewall (and all AV) had no effect, but I did find that non-secure settings work fine so the problem is only with SSL settings.

Resolved:  must use “Legacy” port option to use 465 and 995/993.  Legacy threw me off because these selections are current standards, not ancient history.

Hi Jason,
thank you for sharing the solution with us and I am glad all is working now.
The term ‘Legacy’ when used in IT doesn’t always mean ancient history, it can still be quite recent solution and in good working order, there just might be newer standards or settings available (doesn’t make the previous thing obsolete).

Best wishes,