A nice, easy feature request - window active?

I’ve just discovered eM Client and I absolutely love it!

One small disappointment: you’ve adopted Microsoft’s terrible idea of not changing the colour of the main window’s title bar when eM Client is the active window.

Currently it is not possible to tell, by looking, whether eM Client is the active window or not.  There are, literally, no visual clues at all.

I can’t imagine why Microsoft came up with this idea, but luckily many software vendors are not following suit.  Most of the programs on my PC have a foreground colour and a background colour for the title bar, so it is obvious which is the active window.

It’s a shame eM Client has gone the Microsoft way.  Could you be persuaded to adopt the traditional way of working, so the title bar changes colour when it’s the active window?  I’d be perfectly happy if you want to make this a user-selectable option.


Hello Steve,

Thank you for the feedback and the suggestion. Our developers consider features that the users ask for the most so if other users appreciate this idea, I’m sure it will get attention.


Thank you very much for your reply.

Colleagues: if any of you would like the title bar to change colour to show when eM Client is the active window, please up-vote this suggestion!  Remember, it will be an option, not compulsory.


I would like em client to honor the windows setting >> personalize >> colors that I choose.

While eM Client uses your Windows settings for many things, like the time zone, notifications etc., it does not use the Windows personalization options for appearance. Rather it has it’s own themes. You can change those in Menu > Tools > Settings > Appearance > Themes, or you can edit one and create your own theme.

I want to direct this back to the original request - this suggestion is not about themes in general, it’s about making the active and inactive window different.

Yes, eM Client does not use your Windows appearance settings. It uses it’s own themes instead. Therefor this is not possible.

Thanks for your reply, Gary. But of course it is possible! eM Client obviously knows when it is active or inactive, and therefore could change the colour of the title bar.

If it is possible, then please do it.