A message is stuck in Outlook forever, but in Thunderbird it got sent in no time

I just thought that a message I created about 30 minutes ago from my msn account in emClient had been sent. It had an attachment in zip format of 1.25 MB.
To my surprise, I found it was sitting in the Outbox even after I opened it and tried to send it multiple times.
When I tried the same from Thunderbird it got sent in no time.

Can you please let me know why emClient failed to send my message?


Also, I think many times when emClient is doing something it does not report any progress to end user but does it in a silent manner.
In Thunderbird, it will show progress of all steps when sending an email, so at least the user knows what’s happening.


can you try send n receive instead of send for email? Also can you check your Tools - Accounts - your account if you have SMTP/Airsync tab? If not what email service provider do you use?
And by any chance are you not in offline mode (File - Work Offline… checked)?
Do you receive any errors?

eM Client always show progress in left bottom corner or you can check it by yourself in Tools - Operations.


I cannot re-try since I sent that message through Thunderbird.

I have 3 accounts in my email client: msn, hotmail and gmail. MSN and hotmail have no tabs for AirSync or SMTP. Gmail has multiple tabs including IMAP and SMTP. Screenshots below for MSN and Gmail tabs under Tools>Accounts.

I have been able to send/receive other emails without problems, but this large sized email was stuck.
I don’t think I was in offline mode.

MSN Tabs for Tools > Accounts >MSN Account

Gmail Tabs for Tools > Accounts > Gmail Account

I think I know now why emClient appeared to not send the large email with a 3.5 MB attachment, but Thunderbird seemed to.
When I click on Send button in Thunderbird, I immediately get a progress popup as in screen shot below. So I know Thunderbird is working on sending the large email based on the percent progress I see.

On the other hand, in emClient as soon as I click on Send button for this large email, the write email window closes and I see NO progress anywhere even when I click on Send/Receive All or Send/Receive a single account. But I think emClient is working behind the scenes and after about 5 minutes I do see the email received. All I see as a feedback from emClient when I click on Send button, is that the large email appears in Outbox under Smart folders, which gives an impression that the email is STUCK, even though emClient is trying to send it.

So Thunderbird is more intuitive with a real-time progress popup for end users compared to emClient based on the above scenario.

So I think its just the way emClient displays its progress to end users, which I think is not intuitive like Thunderbird.

So, emClient does send the large email, but gives an impression as if the email is stuck in Smart Folders Outbox.

So did I understood well that it works for you without problem? Anyway you should see progress bar in left bottom corner - you can click on it and you will see everything about current synchronization process.


Yes. It works. Thanks for your help.

you are welcome :slight_smile: