a little off on the Polish text

Please correct the settings window, because there is not enough room on the Polish text.

Hello Lukasz, not quite sure what you’re referring to. Have you found any translation errors in the polish localisation? If so, can you please specify what kind errors? Or submit your suggestions to my colleague at wilson@emclient.com?

Thank you,

There is no mail to your friend. my system, returns an error

Not quite sure what you’re suggesting, what kind of error?


I wrote to the mail that you gave above, and my mail, returns the message that such e-mail address is missing or there is not enough room at the post office.

Hello again, I’m positive the email address works, just tested it again. But if you’re unable to submit your notes there, send it to my email (mcgregor@emclient.com) or here on the forum. Or make a screenshot of the error you’re seeing and submit it to us here on the forum.


3 screenshots, where missing the Polish text (there are more). 


Thank you, we’ll improve these translations in a future update.