A list of ideas that emClient NEEDS to have in the next update

I know some of these have come up before, but putting them on my list anyway.

  • Making Alias’ the default address when writing email instead of just the email account
  • Signatures to be linked to Alias’ instead of email accounts
  • Email Templates needs to be reworked.  A user should be able to write an email (without filling in the “To” Field, and use that as a template to be used for future mail.  At the moment, it only gets saved in the Drafts folder, and once you send it, it disappears.
  • Have the ability to save Template mail onto the desktop.  At the moment, we can save mail to the desktop but once you click on it, you are unable to put in an address to send it
  • Rules needs an overhaul as well.  Be able to move mail if the From field or subject field contains certain words.  I’ve tried all the options available but none seem to work properly