A few suggestions for improvements...

After trying out eM Client, here are a few suggestions to improve the program :

— Email list —

  • Add an option to specify after how much time an email will be marked as read upon selection in the list
  • Add a column with buttons to toggle “read/unread” state of each email with one click
  • Change the sorting order when clicking on the “flags column” header : flagged emails should stay on top and only be sorted by date. (ie. toggle between [display *flagged* (new->old) then *unflagged* (new->old)] and [display *flagged* (old->new) then *unflagged* (old->new)]

— Email view —

  • Add a button to toggle between “plain text” and “html” views (really useful when “always view as plain text” option is enabled)
  • Display “To”, “CC” & “BCC” fields on individual lines (to improve readability)

— Email composer —

  • Do not ask “Save as draft ?” before closing if the email was not modified.

— Templates —

  • Allow the full customization of templates by using variables like :

%OFROM% (original sender)
%OTO% (original recipient)
%OCC% (original CC)
%ODATE% (original date)
%OTIME% (original time)
%OTEXT% (original text)
%OQUOTE% (original text, quoted)
%CDATE% (current date)
%CTIME% (current time)

  • Allow the positioning of the cursor in the template with the use of %CURSOR%.

— Layout —

  • Increase the panels borders/separation line/draggable area to a few pixels width in order to make their resizing easier. (the one between the email list and bottom view is especially annoying as you often end up clicking on the last email in the list when trying to resize the view)