A few suggestions for future versions...

Few suggestions for the future…

  1. sync with other calendars in google calendar - not just the default one.
  2. remove signature in free version - I think the great software will sell itself, being forced to advertise this software to all my friends is a big turn-off even though I’m really happy with the program.
  3. Change the name - make it something more memorable, such a weird name puts people off.
  4. global folders, gmail folders, local folders - too much! Why can’t there be just one?
  5. add archive button for gmail inbox.

Still - I think this is the best email client there is for Gmail compatibility.


  1. https://discourse.emclient.com/emclient/to…
  2. Wait for our next update as we are adding a setting to remove it (from https://discourse.emclient.com/emclient/to…).
  3. Thanks for suggestion. We don’t plan to change the name in near future.
  4. All folders (trees) have their function - Local for local mails, IMAP (e.g. gmail) folders for server stored emails and all is accumulated in global folders to make email history more transparent and flexible. It’s all very setable: you can disable Global and Local folders in menu Tools->Settings->General and individual account trees in their account settings.
  5. We plan to implement Archive feature (in communication history) to next version of eM Client. It will be released in couple of months.