A few questions about em client

I have a few specific questions, if this has been covered please point me in the right direction, i may not be searching in the correct way.

1.) Where are the local folders stored?  Is it in the database location? all i see are logs and other data. (just curious really)

2.) I use and manage hotmail accounts for several people, after MS migrates away from deltasync am i going to loose the ability to sync contacts and calendars as it functions now in em client?  currently my iphone and 2 pc’s all sync automatically

3.) If i stay with em client, i’ll purchase several life time licences, am i able to install a single licence on multiple machines for my personal/business use, only i use these PC’s? i have 3 PC’s i use.  Each person ill get a licence for has minimum of 2 pc’s they use (laptops, desktops ect)

4.) how do i set up e-mail templates?  Currently i am kicking the tires on EM Client to see how i like it and if it is going to do what i and my teams need, sending out e-mails from a template is used by several people.  is this a pro feature? it seems that you can save an e-mail before it is sent, but this feels a little clumsy.


  1. Local folders are stored as a part of your database inside the .dat files. The upcoming version 7 will have a different DB structure and the Local data will have their own .dat files.

  2. The DeltaSync is being disabled only for mail, so when your server no longer sends messages using this protocol, you can set up your Contacts and Calendar separately as Calendar and Contacts account and your Mail as IMAP (in version 6).
    The upcoming version 7 already has 2 solutions, depending if Microsoft migrated your mail account to their Exchange servers - if they did, you can set up your hotmail as an Exchange account.
    Otherwise your account will be automatically set up as IMAP with Airsync still being used for Contacts and Calendar.

  3. Our licenses work per-device. You will need a license for each computer you will install eM Client on.

  4. Templates can be set up in Tools>Settings>Mail>Templates and Signatures section and it can be set up in both FREE and PRO version :slight_smile: FREE license only limits the number of email accounts that can be set up and commercial use of our program. No other features are blocked.