A few major & minor gripes after 1 week of use

I’ve been using eM Client for about a week now (mail functionality only) and I will probably buy it for that alone. Most familiar to me coming from OE on XP and now on Win 7.

However, here are a few of my gripes:

  1. MAJOR gripe:
    I’m one who likes to create more folders with subfolders in the Local folders and classify my mails there. This would be WAY easier…
    * if a auto-opening folder would auto-close again after dropping my messages in a subfolder. Not having this is making I have to scroll a lot or close folders manually. It’s tiresome and I totally lose the clean overview of my target folders :frowning:
    It would also be the logical thing to do. After all, you can already manually open the tree to leave it opened if that is what you want. With my proposal, all parties could be happy (I would use both options myself).
    * if a auto-opening folder would remain closed, if I just drop in messages that don’t need to go in a subfolder [that I don’t have to see] (same reasoning as above).

PLEASE… :slight_smile: As default behavior (or as an option)

  1. less MAJOR:
    When I create a new folder on the left (like inside another folder), most often that folder disappears out of view when it is created… Please leave it or have it scroll into view, so it is immediately ready to receive the (selected) messages shown on top. Now I have to remember where I created it and go scroll around for it…

  2. less MAJOR:
    Coming from OE, I need to see the feedback window when clicking Send and Receive, so I activated that. However, I *only* want to see it when clicking that. I never want to see it when busy working in eM Client, nor do I want the distracting “what was that??” movement in the taskbar each time mail is checked. I will notice when mail came in via the taskbar icon or hear it.

Could you please add an option for this functionality, e.g.
| | Show window on Send and Receive | | manual only

  1. MINOR: Maybe the triangles in front of the mail folders aren’t entirely logical. The hollowed-out triangles could be more visible. Why not have them black as well? IMO, it would still look balanced overall. The hollowed-out triangle is intuitively suggesting that the folder is empty, while it is not.

  2. MINOR: When I click ‘New’ [mail] and then want to select a contact, it seems I cannot add a new contact there, even though there is a +button on the right of the ‘Select Contact’ window that seems to be there for that? Never becomes clickable here, not even if I fill out an email. Is it a bug or do I have to read the manual to understand? :wink:

That’s about it for now.
Otherwise happy and happy with the forthcoming update specs.
But PLEASE consider 1, 2 & 3 :slight_smile:

Thank you and good luck!

  1. is made less bad by applying rules that send my new incoming messages to the correct folder automatically and have eM open to the Unread folder. But still, you get other messages, there’s still the “sent” messages, and you can have many messages from an import.