A few functions that are needed

Most email clients today have an Archive button. I wish there was one at the top next to the Delete button and also when you right click on an email.  

I would also like to see an Empty Folder option for the Trash and Junk Email folders.

Yes, an archive option for individual emails or folders would be useful, but you will just have to use the global ctrl+shift+A shortcut for now.
Empty folder for trash and junk is there by right click on those folders.

not much to say except “seconded”

When you customize the toolbar, there is an option to add Move to Archive next to Reply , Forwrd etc. but I could never get it to work.

My mistake on the Empty Folder option. I do see it for the respective folders for each account. What I was attempting to do was empty the trash and junk from the Smart Folders. I will just have to do it on each account folder instead of all accounts at once. I have 5 accounts configured. 

The Move to Archive in the toolbar does not work for me either

Can you explain why not? I use it and it does, what it is supposed to do.

I added the Move to Archive and Move to Junk functions to the top toolbar. They both show when viewing the Smart Folders. The Move to Archive does not work. There is not even a hover effect when you roll over it. The Move to Junk works fine, along with the other default functions. 

I have 5 email accounts setup and when I move to the inbox for each individual account, the Move to Archive does not even display. I checked the Customize window and it shows Move to Archive as active, but it’s not in the toolbar. 

So basically, I cannot use Move to Archive from the Toolbar. I have to use the right-click menu Move to Folder and then select the Archive folder.