A copy of the attachments added to an email using Gmail's on-line form appear in the trash within eM Client.

6.0.19714.0 after sending an attachment from gmail.com, a copy appears in eMs trash.

Also, the database is still being checked on startup. Somehow I think that on bootup that XPs boot sequence and antivirus pre-scan are hogging the resource and causing emclient to have problems. Some programs allow for a delay of xx seconds before initializing to prevent a collision of resource demand.

This problem occurs when eM Client is minimized to the tray. When minimized to task bar everything is fine. This is a problem reported last year. It still exists, at least for XP.

Here is a pic showing attachment which appear in the trash after emails with those attachments were sent by gmail on-line (using chrome). Copies of the attachments are appearing in eM Client’s trash. They do not appear in Gmail trash.

eM Client Employee…

In the past 2 months, my support problems and questions have never been responded to. Although I am sure you have a lot on your plate, it seems that if I take the time the report a problem, in fact take the time to use your program, that you could at least acknowledge so that i don’t feel like I am talking to the proverbial virtual wall!

Lots of basic up and running problems still exist. Fortunately the date remains intact which is why I continue to try to be patient. Communication is just very frustrating!

Hi, I am sorry but this is community forum, we do respond here but we do not guarantee it as we do on support site for users with pro license.

Anyway I have checked your issue and I will need to know if you are using IMAP or POP3 Gmail setup.


Using IMAP

Jan. I understand about the pro license support. Bearing that in mind, I started with you when the program was in beta and you were requesting feedback. In that sense we were providing you support and as well as the other way around. So this is/was a community effort. I was concerned that you were not taking note of my comments which are meant to supply you with valuable feedback. So I am glad I have not been speaking to the proverbial virtual wall!
If my feedback and questions would be better served, I have no issue with purchasing a pro license. I have only one account and did not see the need.
At this point, I think job one is to minimize some of the buggy behaviors so comment with a new release. :slight_smile:

other issues…
at startup the database is often checked.
using xp sp3

Attachments sent with a gmail message from on-line still wind up in eM Client’s trash. I am using imap. My account is with Google Apps for business, My domain is pointed at google… so my com name is allowed to be used with gmail. Somehow I don’t think that is the problem. Database is not closing properly with xp on both my machines. 20% of the time.

Right click on folder - properties - repair tab - repair button.

Also when you have problem with database - do you see mailclient.exe process in taskbar after you shut down eM Client?

Do you have latest service pack for .net 2?


did what you suggested with the folder repairs… no change…
net framework 2 service pack 2 is installed. Manual shutdown is ok but not
when xp closes the program at shutdown.

Right clicking on folder and repairing changed nothing. This happens on two different xp machines. Attachments sent from google’s online form show up in em client’s trash. more below… When I terminate em client, its executable doesn’t show up on the taskbar or in the task manager. However it is not a manual termination that is the problem but how the program is affected by letting xp’s shutdown close the program. The database is checked frequently on both xp machines. These machines are very different.

Now as to net framework… this is what I have installed
and each has a bunch of updates. I was up to date as of october 2012.
At that point Microsoft sent two updates which messed up media player and followed with 2nd that wasn’t any better. Then they shut down microsoft update. It just spins and spins. I think this is their way of cutting off xp support. Anyhow I don’t trust Microsoft no mo. They’d like me into 8.1 and it seems they are not beyond a little tom foolery! These problems are well documented on Google. So I am updated as well as can be expected and work from backup images when necessary.

net framework 1.1
net framework 2.0 sp2
net framework 3.0 sp2
net framework 3.5 sp1
net framework 4 client profile
net framework 4 extended

Support for Windows XP will end on April 8, 2014 so I wouldn’t be surprised if eM Client didn’t spend a lot of time on an issue that might be from the OS. Windows 7 end of extended support (security updates) will come January 14th, 2020, That OS is easy to upgrade to from XP and you may still find copies of it on eBay. Just a suggestion.

can’t upgrade to win 7, no drivers. Try sending an attached file from gmail on line and see if it shows up in em’s trash. otherwise, I don’t have to run em as TSR, As such there are no issues as long as Windows doesn’t start and stop it. but see if your left labels window stays open; see if it closes randomly. also if attachment copies end up in em’s trash.
THX David.

Actually I was asking about this yesterday and as long as there will be no problem using eM Client on .NET which will be supported in Win XP or we will not find anything which would make using eM Client on XP problematic or unsolveable then we will continue supporting Windows XP.

But I can suggest Windows 8.1, I hate it at first, but after a day of using it even modern UI start menu started to make sense.
It is not as comfortable as traditional start menu but for me hitting “Win” key and write 3 - 4 letters of program I want to start is almost instant. And anything else is same as in previous versions.


Then I don’t like to do that but I will have to ask you for your IMAP logs from synchronization period.

Go to Tools - Settings - Advanced, check IMAP under your account, apply and restart eM Client.
Then try to reproduce this issue and after from advanced windows click on send logs… to [email protected], please join link to this topic in subject.

then you can turn off logging,


Upgrading a Dell 2400 is not an option, both in terms of memory and drivers. I wouldn’t buy another computer just to satisfy the needs of a program or programs. My Dell has run most everything, save high resource video programs. Lately XP is getting the blame, for lack of a better term, for bugs and other problems and this is being reinforced by Microsoft’s end of life statement. But the statement for now is only that… words. Most of the problems I have had with eM are also occurring on my Win 7 program.

eM Client 6 corrected many things that were problematic in version 5 and the program on the whole is great! I will be redundant by mentioning the things that continue to plague eM. This is not to criticize, but to help. I have not got much feedback since it went out of beta. This list, I believe has nothing to do with XP or end of life or IMAP as a similar program GMail Notifier Pro has none of these with IMAP… However eM Client is a far more elegant program and therefore needs more TLC.

  1. The Navigation window closes randomly; does not always maintain position on reboot.

  2. On reboot, Auto start brings up the program full screen at start up if it was last closed down using x to minimize it to the tool bar. Using (-) will minimize and when you reboot the program will minimize at startup. An option should be available in settings to minimize at autostart.

  3. I am one who has the newest emails at the top of the message list…
    The next and previous arrows are backwards and the notification box order is affected, showing the last first.

  4. Chat when removed from the right panel, returns.

  5. Failure to sync Errors are reported quite regularly.

  6. online attachments show up in trash. (I’ve sent you the logs)

  7. Still checking the database pretty regularly on start up. Still a close down issue.

I have read in this forum report from those with other OS. Considering all that
eM Client does it is a great program.

When Time And Chaos upgraded, they had many issues too. So I believe these problems are part of the innovation process. I hope you will not place the blame totally on XP. I would be curious to hear if other are experiencing these problems with other OS.

PB :slight_smile:

Hi, I am sorry for delay but your emails were forwarded to developers.


Thanks, Jan. BTW. Some startup issues have been corrected by placing a variable startup delay, in seconds, in the boot sequence. I am using a program called ‘after’ which delays the startup of em client until after the antivirus prescan. I think a lot is going on during boot up that affects the cpu at startup.
XP seems to be more single minded and forgetful with its many startup tasks. So auto starting and closing down seem more difficult for programs like em and gmail notifier pro. GNP uses options to delay startup at bootup and a second one to delay the email check. It also has a minimize at startup rather than remembering the last window state that em client favors. All in all eM is miles ahead as local email clients go. :slight_smile:

was this issue resolved or is it still pending? 

Thank you,