a calendar event copied and pasted keeps original created date


When one duplicates an existing event using copy + paste, the resulting event has its “created time” set with the original event’s created time. It should have a created time corresponding to the time it was pasted.
Don’t you think?


Hi, could you tell me what provider for your calendar do you use?


Hi Jan,

Sorry, should have noted it: Google Cal.

Unfortunately I was unable to replicate this issue, could you send me one event exported into .ics before and same event exported to .ics after?

Also I could use GData logs, go to tools - settings - advanced, check GData under your account, apply and restart eM Client.
While logging is active perform same action and after that use “send logs…” to galis@emclient.com together with this topic’s URL in subject.

Then you can turn logging off.


Hi Jan,

As I was surprised that you were not able to reproduce, I tested it again, and just figured out that :

  • this issue doesn’t happen with a copy/paste in the main calendar tied to your Google account. In this case, the created time is properly updated. So I guess that is what you tried.
  • but it *does* happen if you do it on an additional calendar, I mean one you can add on Google Calendar in “Settings-Calendars-My Calendars”, by clicking on “Create new calendar” button,
  • this is actually what happens to me, as I set up such an additional calendar, months ago, and made it the default calendar in eM (can’t remember how I could do this BTW).

So, I let you test within this context first, and will send you required information in case you fail again in reproducing the issue.

Thanks for your help


Hi Jan,

Any update on this issue?


No, I always test all issues in most possible scenarios. That prevents almost all misunderstandings.

Anyway I am really unable to reproduce it, have you sent that file I have asked before? I was unable to find anything in my emails.


Hi Jan,

Not yet, as written I thought you were able to reproduce thanks to the additional precisions. I’ll send it today

Requested files just sent

Requested files just sent

not sure if I understand the issue correctly, have you created the Calender online on Google’s website or through eM Client?

If you copy and paste the event in Google’s online calendar it has the “Created” time set to the actual time you’ve copy&pasted the event or the original time of the copied event?


Hi Paul,

Sorry for the delayed reply…

The additional Calendar was created, long ago, online on Google website.

About the test you’re requesting in Google online website, I’m sorry, but I can’t figure out how to copy an event from one day to another in the very same calendar, the only capability provided by the web GUI is to copy the event into the default calendar (or do I miss something?). And this is not what I’m doing in eM.

Here is what I’m doing in eM, more detailed and clearer than previously (hopefully):

  • i. I have several calendars displayed in eM: my default one, some imported ones (eg. holidays), some colleagues’ ones, and the additional calendar I created online, long ago, on Google website (via Settings-Calendars-My Calendars, then “Create new Calendar” button)
  • ii. on eM LHS, I have selected the additional calendar, so it’s the one where new events are created when done from eM
    1. now I select a past event (without any recurrence, *important*) that is in this same calendar, and from menu “Edit-Copy”
    1. I move to the day in the future where I want to copy the event, then click anywhere in that day, and finally select “Edit-Paste” from menu
    1. the event is properly pasted, thus creating a new event in the targeted day, so far so good,
    1. now in agenda view, I use the search box to display events having the name of the copied one, I get (expectedly) 2 events:
      * in “Start” column: copied one has the date of the day it was copied from, pasted one has the date of the day it was pasted to, both are fine,
      * in “Created” column: copied one has the date it was actually created, pasted one has this same date, instead of today, this is the issue.
  • if I do the very same scenario but with my default calendar selected in preliminary step ii, then the issue doesn’t occur: the created date of the pasted event is properly set to today.

I can capture a short video if you like, just tell me if it’s needed.
Thanks in advance

Hi, sorry for the belated reply.
I was able to replicate the issue, however since you’re creating a raw copy of the event everything stays the same except the time of the new event, which you’re changing by pasting it into a different day.

Because of this the created time will stay the same, if you’d make a new event from the old one by holding ctrl a dragging the event you want to copy, the created time would be changed since it’s a different function.

I hope this is understandable,