A Bit Confused On Calendar Set-up

I recently installed eM Client to give it a try, even though I still have my Office 365 subscription good until next September. I really likeit a great deal, but the lack on a calendar monthly view is off-putting. I have read through similar psot and that it’s not aprt of em CLient’s email progrsm, only a daily view, tjhough it’s event, etc is very customizable.

Have said this, I noticed on the eM Client site regarding the calendar, as it shows this view specifically. Now I am unsure if it being used as such as not a good way to view a calendar (it’s really subjective to taste really), or that it’s is part of eM Client having that set-up?

The option is there in your screenshot:

miércoles 08 diciembre 2021 :: 1700hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @Tommy6860

I do not really understand what you are asking? Perhaps English is not your first language.
To be clear you can customize the calendar view; to do this ‘right click’ the ribbon and select ‘customize’ you can select the items you want to have available.

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Very condescending reply!


My statement on a “monthly view” is just an example, I used the link that put the image here as an overall example of a calendar that appears to be part pf eM Client. How does one access that calendar in eM Client, I find no option to get that view. I can only use the expandable sideview for a daily events and look a t them by the day of or by the day of the date I choose, not an overall view of week, month, etc.

In your screenshot you are already in the Calendar.
You are in the week view.
To select the month view, click on the icon I pointed to in my screenshot.

Can you provide a screenshot of the view you want from our website, then we help you get to it.

Apparently I cannot properly explain what I am trying to get in that I cannot find HOW to get to any of those views, not that I do not know how to use them. There is no calendar as such in eM Client no matter what setting or views as I have tried to use to view it. I use Google calendar all fo the time and I am pretty decent with Office programs.

Can you give a screenshot of what you want, then we can tell you how to get there.

I woiuld,like to get the calendar view as shown on the link I used tha tis from this site. But when I clickon calendar, this is what get…

OK, you have no synced calendars, so need to use Local Folders.

Go to Menu > Settings > General and tick the option to Show Local Folders.

Back in the calendar section, you will have a local calendar.

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Make sure you have a calendar associated to your email account (under Accounts > General, then Save & Close)

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Hi @ommy6860

I hope you do not consider this ‘Very condescending reply!’

To make sure you see a correct calendar display - in the left hand column in your graphic you will need to
select the individual calendar you wish to display, you will then be able to select the particular view, day, month etc., from the top ribbon.

In my example the icons are from the left:
New, Refresh, Day, Month, Upcoming, Agenda, Edit, (Mas - has a dropdown in Spanish version, in my case showing Edit, Print, Tag, Delete (which will show in the English version if selected in Customize)

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Hablo español, luego portugués e inglés, con conocimiento de varios otros idiomas.

Got it, thanks! If I have anymore issues or questions regarding some configuration, I will post back.!