9.1.2109 won't fetch mail any more


after the last update, my client won’t fetch mail any more when running. No error message. It does fetch mail when I close and restart the client, but it won’t do it when automatically or manually syncing. So, having the client run makes it look like I receive no mail at all.

Unfortunately, fetching mail is rather important for an email client. I’ve already reinstalled the client - with backup/restore that is. Didn’t help. I can’t set it up from scratch, that would cost me a day at least. I have a dozen of accounts and I set everything up the way I want it.

Anyone having this problem? And it’s not yahoo or any of the large mail providers.

too sad. Seems I’ll have to abandon eM Client. But again, a client that refuses to fetch mail is useless to me. Unfortunately, there aren’t many that will sync with iClouds contacts, which is important to me, but I’ll look around. Maybe I’ll find a new one.