8.1 update deletion bug

In the new eMClient update 8.1, a new bug has arisen in deletion. Even when I delete an email, and it is no longer in Trash, it remains marked for deletion but not deleted when I look in the webmail version of my email. I need to further expunge the deleted emails to remove them permanently. This is a new issue that has only come up with this updated version of eMClient 8.1. Is it possible to have this bug fixed? Thanks

What type of email account do you have & who is your email provider ?

Thanks! It’s a University email account, Hermes Webmail

Oh ok. Sry I’m not familiar with Hermes Webmail

This is not an issue with eg: IMAP Gmail or IMAP Live / Hotmail accounts or my Local ISP IMAP account with the new EMC 8.1.876 Windows version. see Release History | eM Client

I suspect its something to do with Hermes Webmail deletion settings unless something has radically changed in V8.1x. Hopefully someone on the forum also uses Hermes Webmail and can help you.

What version of EM Client were you using before ? Have you done a backup of your prev EMC ver ?

Do you have your EM Client account currently configured as IMAP or Exchange ?.

I see too that Hermes Mail is all changing to “Exchange” by the end of 2021 and has already started configuring new peeps with Exchange accounts from 2018 onwards.

Hermes migration to Exchange Online

UIS is developing a detailed plan to migrate the existing users of Hermes to Exchange Online and to decommission Hermes no later than 31 December 2021, following approval of our proposal by the email technical scrutiny panel and the ISC.

How you access your email will depend on the type of email account you have. Students who arrived at the University in 2018 onwards, as well as most new members of staff, will have a Microsoft Exchange Online account. Others who arrived earlier will have a Hermes account.