8.0.2951 Can not update this version

8.0.2951 Can not update this version I’m using. Keeps offering to update with this version 8.1.1054.0 (01/27/21 1:19:59 PM) which destroys eMClient. Am I missing an update?

eM Client 8.1 Service Update

  • Fixed an issue with moving messages (it may have caused a red triangle for some of your accounts)

8.1.1053.0 (01/26/21 3:34:01 PM)
eM Client 8.1 Service Update

  • Fixed some flickering issues when using attachments and tags for notes
  • Do not show Move to Archive context menu option for selected conversations when in Archive folder
  • Fixed the permanent message deleting on GMail might not work issue when some GMail settings are used
  • Fixed no underlined words in separate window spell checker issue
  • Allow rule with “skip notification” only
  • Prevent loss of unsaved note text when editing tags
  • German, dutch and russian localization updates
  • A few other bug fixes

8.1.979.0 (12/29/20 2:34:35 PM)
eM Client 8.1 Service Update

  • Several Theme editor fixes
  • A few other bug fixes

8.1.973.0 (12/22/20 3:45:45 PM)
eM Client 8.1 Service Update

  • Some fixes for application shutdown
  • Addresses in People view are now selectable
  • The current theme is now loaded when opening Theme editor
  • Support for copy/paste colors in Theme editor
  • A bunch of other fixes and improvements for Theme editor
  • Improved theming support for Christmas theme
  • Fixed a favorite folder reappearing when deleted issue
  • Chinese, polish, french and czech localization updates
  • A lot of other fixes

8.1.876.0 (12/07/20 3:39:33 PM)
eM Client 8.1

  • Watch for reply button in toolbar can now be hidden again
  • Updated localizations
  • A few minor bug fixes

8.1.857.0 (12/04/20 10:29:00 AM)
eM Client 8.1

  • User friendly Theme Editor added
  • OwnCloud support
  • NextCloud support
  • Attachments can now be used in templates
  • When attaching a directory user gets on option to attach files as files or as a zip archive
  • Option Go to Today every time calendar is opened
  • Option for setting Indentation for folders
  • Suggestion for location in event detail based on other events’ locations
  • Hundreds of fixes and optimizations

8.0.3499.0 (11/24/20 10:17:40 AM)
eM Client 8

  • Fixed Yahoo! authentication

8.0.3385.0 (08/21/20 9:25:06 AM)
eM Client 8 Service Update

  • Fixed nonfunctional spell check for some users
  • Dutch localization update
  • Memory management improvements
  • Fixed a duplicit text in clipboard issue
  • Fixed trimmed text in some textboxes in very special DPI settings
  • Some other bug fixes

8.0.3318.0 (08/17/20 12:00:41 PM)
eM Client 8 Service Update

  • Added basic support for username/password storing for individual internet calendars
  • Allow importing localized tags if they were previously deleted
  • Do not allow dragging root folders into Favorites
  • Apply the ‘Use alternating color in lists’ setting even for agenda in sidebar
  • Keep the Sent/Draft/Outbox column config when searching in that folder
  • Make ctrl+a work in sidebar calendar
  • Fixed a crash when copying logs from Operations window
  • Fixed displaying data:image in some messages
  • Fixed showing tray and taskbar icons even when the main window is active
  • Several other fixes and optimizations

8.0.3283.0 (08/12/20 11:45:43 AM)
eM Client 8 Service Update

  • Improved memory management
  • Stability improvements
  • Save to pdf feature from a separate email message window
  • Allow drag&drop of images into template and signature editors
  • Allow selecting text in text boxes with Shift+click
  • Hide Letter Selection for contacts when sorting via Birthday
  • Create an event with a correct date when right-clicking into the multi-day area of the week view
  • Block SmarThru Office filter to avoid crashes
  • Display text even for very narrow events in the calendar
  • Display ‘Show X more’ label if the contact contains too many items to display in detail
  • A few updated time zone definitions
  • Ask before deleting rule in settings
  • Show error message if Google Task exceeds 8kB in Notes, which is not allowed by the server
  • Use full-text search when searching for an email address (fixes issue when searching on non-starting part, i.e. domain only)
  • Get rid of two extra new lines added to all MAPI created emails
  • Undo for Move to Archive
  • Invitation infographics icon now shows the actual start time of the meeting
  • Add anniversary support for Google contacts
  • Polish, French and Italian localization updated
  • Fixed duplicating text between [] brackets when changing the subject of an email
  • Fixed showing wrong time for tasks in some time zones
  • Fixed a crash when applying a rule to a renamed tag folder
  • Fixed a startup password protection special characters issue
  • Fixed setting a priority for Gmail folders pinned to favorites
  • Fixed By Day, Monthly and Yearly recurrences display
  • Fixed a specific SMAPI issue
  • Fixed getting email addresses from Microsoft Access MAPI calls.
  • Fixed AirSync contact email parsing crashing on incorrect email
  • Fixed counting additional (not visible) events in calendar’s month view
  • Fixed font selector dialog for monitors with DPI larger than 225%
  • Fixed impossible deletion of events in Yahoo calendar due to SentBy being returned by Yahoo
  • Fixed several cloud attachments issues
  • Fixed a lot of bugs and small issues

Go to the Release History and download the latest version.

It is not necessary to install each update in turn; just the last one.