7.2 - Right to Left Writing Does Not Work Properly

Hello all, in 7.1 I had no problem pressing " Ctrl+Shift" to switch languages and write in Hebrew.
In 7.2 pressing " Ctrl+Shift" does nothing.

Changing alignment to be Right to Left causes text pointer to stay in the same place and to put non-letters (Like a comma or dot) into incorrect placement (Will be displayed in the far right).

Please see attached gif.

Thank you.

Thanks for reporting the issue, the next update will fix the problem and we expect to release it shortly.

No problemo.

In new version 7.2.33988.0 problem solved download it fromĀ http://cz.emclient.com/dist/latest/setup.msi

Hey, thanks for the quick fix.

Unfortunately using R-to-L language cancels the ability to switch back to L-to-R language and thus, if for example I use Hebrew and afterwards want to write something in English, in a new line - I will not be able to.
Ctrl+Shift will not work on English after using Hebrew and if I will change alignment if will create the bug where the text cursor will simply stay in the corner.

I am attaching a gif of this behavior.


I see not totaly fixed