6 months using emClient with Constant Errors

6 months using emClient  with Constant Errors
been back and forth with tech support and nobody can figure out why.
This is one of the only programs I can use that has tasks and calendar as well.
Seems if I don’t email tech support, then they stop the conversation all together.

So now Im here and want to get peoples opinions on errors they may have and see if I can sort this out with my peers instead of tech support.

Another thing I find confusing is when the emails are bunched together and its difficult to figure out how to respond to a particular email.

emClient had some great potential. But I can definitely say they not only dropped the ball, but Im already looking for something else. Which makes it a waste of my money.

This is my last attempt to try to fix this with forum members.


Ok, first of all, what errors are you receiving?  Can you provide screenshots?  What protocol are you using (POP3, IMAP, Exchange)? Which eM Client version are you using?

As far as your issue with the “bunching” of emails, this is the default conversation mode implemented in version 7.  You can turn this off by going to menu/tools/settings/mail/read and check “Disable conversations”.  Just to let you know, I hated conversation mode when it first appeared with gmail, now I can’t live without it, so maybe you don’t want to give up on it yet.

The user community would love to help you, but please provide some additional information…



Set up as Imap. I know what conversation view is. It doesn’t set it up like windows live mail used to and is confusing.

Version 7.1.29530.0

Jay are you part of the user community or emClient?

Just a user.  Regarding your conversation mode issue, for better or worse, eM Client patterned their conversations after the gmail model (as in their words, the vast majority of their user base use gmail). So I understand there is differences between it and WLM, but it is what it is.

It actually looks like you are sending and receiving OK, but you just get these annoying error messages all the time.  Am I correct?  This may be caused by the fixed timeout period of eM Client (30 seconds) and then it reports an error.  It will subsequently try again and succeed.  The workaround is to turn off error notifications by going to menu/tools/settings/general/general and in the “Operations” section uncheck “Show window when an error occurs”.  This will stop the annoying error messages.  The downside, of course, id that you will no longer receive any error messages and may be unaware they are occurring.  Until eM Client opts to make the timeout period user changeable, this may be the only answer.

Yes I get them every single time the the program fetches email.
ok let me try that.
But your right then I wont see some stuff that could be pertinent
Thx Jay. 

It took 6 months, and a forum user fixes it in one day. I think Ill stick here for tech support. Thx Jay

You are most welcome.  By the way, I also see these errors on occasion, but not enough to make me want to turn off the notifications.  Since my internet speed is quite fast, I believe it may be the servers creating the delay.

well when you have 11 accounts its a little troublesome. Let me try it this way see how it goes. thx again

11 accounts, ahh that may be the problem.  I’m not sure when the 30 second clock starts-- each account fetch or the first account fetch.  If the latter, that would explain the error messages.

Well I never ruled that out. Im sure with 1 account I woudnt be seeing this.

So still have the issue of waiting to download email. With the dots going across the screen. So frustrating. Even does it every single time after emails have already downloaded. Or even emails that have been in your inbox for months. Anybody experience this problem.