5 dots

New to eM Client. Can Send and Receive email, but cannot read the email. Only have 5 dots floating across the screen. Not sure if the email is getting retrieved from the server. Help, please.

I am not sure if the problem is still actual but if it is, send us your IMAP log. It will tell us more. Thank you.

Sorry for pushing this thread to the top, but i have on 3 pc’s exact the same problem. we have 20 licenses and we use on every pc the same provider for IMAP. on all the other pc’s everything is working like a charm. the option “download messages for offline use” didn’t solve the problem. All i see is the floating dots like Eddie posted 2 years ago.

Is there any workaround for that problem?

please help… thanks

Hello Markus, based on the activation issue you’ve submitted on the forum, I’m guessing this might be related to an existing security element blocking the connection to your mail server. Make sure to disable the security software on your station and check if the issue persists, or make sure exceptions are in place for the email client.