5 accounts for free???

Hi there…
I have installed eM but without knowing the limitation for only 2 accounts… I had 5 accounts in Thunderbird and I choose to migrate from it to eM (the automatic procedure thing)… All the accounts got transfered to eM and all 5 are working normally… but I am on the free version… Will it continuing working? I am asking because I ma about to remove thunderbird and am not planning to pay for this service, since I can have it for free using Thunderbird’s…Anyone can help me on it?
THanks, God bless You all.

The first 30 days there are no restrictions (trial mode). After 30 days, you must either purchase a pro license or acquire a free license, The free license has the 2 account limit.

Hello Mauricio,
its probably how Jay describes, you might still be using the DEMO, which will work as a PRO license for 30 days.
If you activate the program with FREE license only top 2 accounts will stay active.