5.0 problems with gmail calendar

I did the update to 5.0 and not all of my calendar events are showing. There seems to be no commonality for what shows and what does not. They all show properly in my web based gmail calendar but 5.0 does not mirror the calendar. Thanks Rob

Are you just using a single calendar within Google Calendar, or are you using multiple calendars?

I have 2 Calendars.

Are you just seeing events from one of the two calendars?

I am missing from both calendars. See the attached images.

Have here the same problem.
Upgraded from version 4 to 5 and some of the events are missing…
I’m using multiple calendars…

Deleting the account and registering it new solved the problem for me.


Thanks for the information. Instead of deleting I did the “repair” option and things seemed to appear. It seems that things just didn’t fully populate when I did the upgrade.

Next time, you do not have to create the account again - simply use Repair button in the calendar folder properties.