4 accounts in free version?

I have activated a free license today in eM Client and I assume that my trial period ends the moment I activate a free license, correct?

I have 2 email accounts, and also two Google Calendars. So 4 accounts in total and they all use a different email address (so there is no email address/calendar address combination).

Now every accounts is working fine! 

Does this mean that the limitation of 2 accounts in the free version are only for the amount of email addresses? And not for Google Calendar accounts? So I can have 2 email accounts and also a number of Google Calendar accounts in the free version?

By the way, when I try to set up a 5th account with an email address I get the message that it’s not allowed in the free version. But when I try to set up a 5th account with a Google Calendar there is no problem!

It was never clear concerning calendars and contacts. I even wrote to eM Client about that, but never got a definitive reply. When I was using a Free License I also had 2 email accounts plus one separate calendar and one separate contact account. I think that the limit is only on the email accounts as you have discovered. :slight_smile: