30 day Trial has expired (version 4.0.15)

I originally downloaded eM Client to a brand new computer and applied for the free license. The new computer lasted about two weeks and I had to return it. I then got another new computer and downloaded eM Client to it. I went to apply for a license, but it said I was already registered. Yesterday I got a message that said my demo period had expired and I needed to register. When I clicked the link and tried to register, it said I was already registered.

Now my mail is blocked and I can’t retrieve messages.

Could someone please tell me what to do to clean up this problem. I can’t receive mail, so I will need to get responses here.

Thanks in advance,

Simply activate eM Client on the new computer using the old activation key.

Where would I get the old activation key since the original computer is long gone?


Thanks for your help.