3.WMF Error Message

I have a Pro License, paid for the year up front for 6 licenses.  We all get the same error message when we try to send emails.  C\Users[name here]\AppData\Local\Temp\eM Client temporary files\tw4ggujq\3.wmf couldn’t be added as attachment due to the following error:  Couldn’t find a part of the path…  There is no tw4ggujq\3.wmf file anywhere on the computers.  This is really annoying as it will continue until it has scanned the entire email string before it will send.  How does one fix this so that when you click send it just sends?

Does this happen on every email you try to send?  For example, if you simply send yourself just a plain email that says “test”, do you still get this error?

Do you have any signature set on your email?

Did you change the location of your temp folder in Windows settings?

Yes, every single email, even on replies, on every single computer.  Some have signatures, some don’t.  That was my first thought.  However, I have no idea what the 3.wmf is.

I have not changed any settings for temp files.  This has been happening since we were test driving the program and figured it would stop when I purchased the PRO version.

Happens on every computer and on every email.

Can you close eM Client and then rename the C:\Users[username]\AppData\Roaming\eM Client\ folder. You may have to show hidden items in Explorer to do that. Then restart eM Client, add your account and without changing anything else, send an email and see if you get the same error.

Not sure what that will do, but I will try.  Do you know what this 3.wmf file is?  I have no such beast anywhere on any of the computers.  We all get the same error message.

This will start eM Client with the default settings and a clean database. Afterwards, you can delete the new folder that will be created and rename the old one back.

Usually a wmf file is a graphics file, so it might be part of your signature or template you are using. It may not be visible and have been accidentally inserted when you pasted something creating the signature or template.

If all else fails, you are entitled to VIP Support, so open a support ticket.