3 questions about IMAP/POP

  1. When I use IMAP what does it mean this option “download messages for offline use” ? It means that programme will download messages to my computer and they will be available offline? Using this option any changes made offline will be updated to the server when online?

  2. When I use POP what does it mean the option “Remove from server after x days” ? It means the programme will delete messages from server after x days forever? 

  3. When I use IMAP and I launch EmClient I need user to login in. Which option I need to activate to require password and login every time?

  4. I use my email on server and I need to do back up sometimes. What do you recommend to do it in EmClient :slight_smile: ? IMAP is not so good because if something happens with server it also affects my messages in EmClient and POP is not so comfortable because it doesn’t detect folders from server. Maybe you have some checked ideas to do it?

Thank you very much in advance for your help :slight_smile: