3.5 Update Requires Me to Log In Twice when Loading (password protected)

With the new update version 3.5.11809.0 I now have to log in with my password twice each time the programs loads. Didn’t have to do this before updating. Annoying! Any suggestions?

Hi, have you tried to disable the password, than re-enable again?

do you mean the startup password protection or the dialog asking for account credentials?

I was mistaken, your question is spot on, Petr. It is for the account credentials for logging onto the Gmail server not the application startup password protection. I didn’t have this problem before the update to 3.5 though. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help!

can you please specify what email server do you experience problem with?

Hi Gabriel

As stated in my last posting it is Gmail’s server. Thanks for your attention to this ongoing problem.

It is strange. If you are sure it is not asking from two different accounts a screenshot of the second dialog window would be helpful for us (maybe first also) - send it please to support@emclient.com with reference to this topic.