2nd account set-up problems

I migrated emails from 2 squirrelmail accounts to 1 new gmail account because I needed to see the emails from both accounts in one place. Unfortunately, I neglected to keep the original emails on the server of 1 of the 2 accounts, so they are no longer there. I was trying to use eM Client to export them back but encountered an error with the test configuration for SMTP and it said the server is not responding to the IMAP test. So, I’m stuck. The emails are in eM Client but I can’t get them over to the squirrelmail account. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Any help would be appreciated.

Hello Rene, I’m not completely sure what you’re referring to as to “export them back” did you try to export or move the messages from one account setup in eM client to the second account you want to migrate to using drag and drop or the built-in export feature?

If the account is no longer accessible it will be no longer possible to download some of the remaining data, if you’ve used a standard IMAP account some messages may only include message headers without downloaded body content, unless you had the “Download messages for offline use” option enabled - which should automatically download all data from the server including message content.

I believe that you should be able to export the messages into one of your system folders and save each email into a .eml file and restore the messages by importing them back into your gmail account.