24 hour time format on MacOS

I saw some very old posts on the topic but no resolution. I am using emClient 8 on MacOS and the time in emails and calendar use 12 hour format, even though the operating system settings are set to 24 hours. The date format is correctly read from the operating system setting.


Hello Daniel, I have the exactly the same issue on my macOS 10.15 with emClient 8.1. It would be helpful if this bug would be fixed.
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There is new versions of eM Client for Mac available which may have fixed that issue.
Latest Mac version currently 8.1.1083.0 / Friday, February 12, 2021

(eM Client Mac Version History page)
Release History | eM Client

Thanks for this info, checked the version I have and it is the version you mentioned, so I have the latest version. Is there maybe a config file we can manually change?

Hi Nico,

Please contact me directly at wilson@emclient.com for further instructions. Thank you.

Hi George,
Did another reset of the 24hours setting in the Mac System Preferences, closed/restarted emClient and all shows up correctly now!

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I have exactly the same issue on my Mac.
Time/Date format in OS is correct - 24 hour.
Mail header date/time format is correct - 24 hour.
But e-mail and calendar are using 12 hour format.
Version: 9.0.1632