2-step verification failing - PRO user support request being ignored

It’s pretty galling being a PRO customer with open critical tickets and seeing the community boards being responded to.

I cannot authorise any of my two-factor accounts. When asked for the 2-step verification code, I enter the number and get the following error:

You’ve reached this page because we have detected that Javascript is disabled in your browser. The page you attempted to load cannot display properly if scripts are disabled.

Please enable scripts and retry the operation or go back in your browser.

Chrome is and always has been my default browser and javascript is enabled. It is also enabled in Internet Explorer.

They don’t take paying customers seriously. I have a ticket regarding the same problem. They put the blame on Google and say the problem will be solved in the next version of emClient, whenever that will be released. Not good enough!!! If they don’t solve the problem in this version how do they expect me to pay for the next one.

I am happily moving on to Mozilla Thunderbird.

I would be lying if I said I was not bothered by the lack of updates on this issue. I was looking to purchase 3 Pro licenses but am definitely ready to move on at this time. This type of an issue should not last more than a couple of days tops before a fix is put in place. I started my ‘trial’ of em Client Pro almost 20 days back. Well, some trial it ended up being since I have not been able to set up any of my email (Gmail) accounts on the software.

There’s been a another request on Twitter as well. They don’t seem to realise that this issue is going to mushroom once everyone’s authentication tokens begin to expire after 30 days. Meanwhile the client is doing nothing for me - it is unusable. And my facebook post on the issue isn’t posted. Methinks they have something to hide. Why don’t they understand that acknowledging problems is the first step to dealing with them

As I kept coming back to eM Client and still have to make a buying decision, I fixed this by temporarily disabling 2-factor auth on my accounts which  solved it for the moment. This pretty much defeats the purpose of 2-factor auth and is rather dumb, but it works.  

Thanks jke. Sure that would fix the problem but leave me exposed which I’m not prepared to do. This requires emclient to hook into a public API which everyone else seems able to do without issue. It is a failure of emclient and they need to fix it rather than ignore the issue.

I think the issue has been acknowledged. What is perturbing is the lack of updates on the same. The seem to believe that disabling two-factor authentication is a real option. Some organizations (like mine) which use host their company email via Gmail have a requirement for two-factor authentication. It is not a real solution.

I have had no acknowledgement yet of my support ticket. I am now having to set up Postbox so that I have a working email client with 2-factor authentication. I agree, turning 2FA off is not an option. Maybe I’ll learn to love Postbox and move to them wholesale…

I meant acknowledgement in a more general sense. They have stated that they are aware of the issue and that ‘some’ customers are facing the issue.

Postbox is alright. It is kind of a resource hog if you want to use calendars with your google account(s). However, you may want to potentially look at MailBird. It is not too bad and they have some kind of a Cyber Monday promotion going on as well.

we are very sorry about this issue and we are taking it seriously, but unfortunately we still do not have any information why is the 2-step verification triggering this issue.
The only working workaround is disabling the 2-step verification for the moment to activate your account inside eM Client.
For corporate gmail accounts we have no workaround at the moment.
Thank you for your patience.

Best regards,

Well i’ve downloaded Mailbird and they have no problem with 2-step authentication. Downloaded, setup and working in less time than it took emclient to even acknowledge the issue - let alone try and deal with it. Turning off security should NEVER be a recommended workaround.

Mailbird is fairly decent and cheap to boot. emClient is more polished (in the limited use I have had) and has an excellent native calendar. However, Mailbird licenses by user (as many machines as you want) and currently their lifetime license is only 22 bucks. They allow the use of calendars using a built-in google calendar add-on. It is not as good as emClient is but does the job.

Needs must I’m afraid. The key is that “it does the job”. At the moment, emClient does not do the job - I cannot use it at all (with 2FA which is a must) so emClient has left me with no option. I shall be pushing for a refund.

Luciano’s problems above are the same issue. Can you not see this is a problem that needs dealing with not hiding from?

we are aware of how big this issue has become and we have been looking for a solution, but the problem is not strictly with Javascript and we have not found what is triggering it yet.
We are very sorry for the continued inconvenience, but I assure you we are indeed trying to deal with the problem.

Best wishes,