2 New features please?

I have lots of emails and sometimes I want to scroll to the bottom of the list from the top. The best way to do this is to use the slider on the right side of the window to scroll from top to bottom. The slider is very very narrow and difficult to click on in order to slide. Can you make it wider? Maybe it has to do with screen resolution, I use 2560x1440.

About the favorites folder at the top left. I have many many folders under my email account name, so many that they scroll off the screen. If I scroll down the list, the favorites at the top scroll off the screen. The MS Outlook mail client locked the favorites so they always show at the top even when scrolling down the folder list. This would allow you to drag folders or files up to the favorites from anywhere in your folder list. I’d love to have this in EM Client. Thanks

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You do not say the Theme you have, some have wide scrollbar by default.
Change Scrollbar in Theme you have with Theme Editor:
Menu ->Tools ->Theme Editor ->Scrollbar ->UseSystemScrollbar (if you hover over box will show False) Check the box ->Save or Save As ->Close & Restart eMC

Also to scroll you can hold “Shift” and use “PgUp” or “PgDn”
(I think is correct is different on my keyboard)

Do NOT forget to Menu ->Backup before you do any changes in case you make error.

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Thank you. my theme was Industry. I made the change but found I had to save the theme with a new name, then import and save it. Works fine, thanks.


have lots of emails and sometimes I want to scroll to the bottom of the list from the top

You can also just press the “End” key to go to the bottom of a list of emails, and the “Home” key to go back to the top of the list of emails.

Yes, thanks, that works too but if I want to scroll, say halfway, the wider scroll slider works better. I appreciate the response.