2 minor issues with spelling correction

I have two very minor issues with the spelling correction. There is no problem, if the fixing is delayed - I just wanted you to know of  :slight_smile:

A) If the spelling
correction of eM Client does not know a word, it is underlined in red. If I add this word to the custom dictionary, the line vanished. But if this word is both in the title and the body of the mail, it is still underlined in the other part, until I save and reopen that draft.

[For example if I send a file as a attachment via the context menu of the Windows explorer and this file has a unknown word in its name.]


B) If I write the word “etc.” in the draft of a mail, it is underlined. The context menu suggest the same word “ect.”. If I choose the suggestion only a second dot is added. (So the word is now “ect…”). The dot is never underlined, only “etc”.

If I now add “etc.” (including the dot, which is not underlined) to the custom dictionary instead of choosing the suggestion, the underlining is gone.

It seems to happen with words that end with a dot, but _not_ with English abbrivations and a English dictionary (at least all those abbrivations I tested). I had that issue also with other German abbrivations and a corresponding dictionary. (I could not test this with other non-english dictionaries, as I unfortunatly do not speak those languages.)

EDIT: I’m using build 26887