2 emailaccounts

I am new with eM Client. Setup free Version with 2 email account. But I can only see one of the accounts in the “Folder list”. to clarify: I see only: “smart Folders”, one “email account Folder” for emailaccount 1, and a “local Folder”. My Question ist how I can Change Setup that I can see both email accounts in the Folder list.
Hope thats clear? Thanks in Advance for Feedback?

If you create another IMAP or Exchange mail account, it will automatically have a separate mail folder tree list.

If you create another POP mail account, then at the end of the setup / config wizard you will see an option to “Create separate folder tree for messages”. Click that and finish.

Thanks for your Reply! Honestly I dont remember that I was asked during the 2nd Pop mail account Setup if I want to create a seperate Folder tree for the second account… Do you think I should reinstall (first delete) the second account and try again?

Ok. I think you would have to delete that extra pop account and re-create it and check the box (before the end of the pop acct setup) to create a separate folder list. However there may be a way to change it to a separate folder list without deleting and re-creating the pop account. I don’t know, but i am sure someone on the forum can answer that.

One thing is that if you delete that extra pop account you will normally delete all your downloaded pop mail, (unless you have ticked the option) in the account setup to “Leave a copy of messages on server” for X amount of days.

If you are not concerned about losing your pop mail that’s already been downloaded, then yes I would just delete that extra account and re-create it to then have a separate mail folder for that acct.

Searching the forum it appears "You can only create a separate folder list tree for a Pop Account when you setup the account. You can’t change it afterwards. See following thread on this subject.


Also as the forum link above advises, (do a backup first) before deleting the pop account via "Menu / File / Backup.

thanks a lot for your support

everything worked well, thanks