2 email accounts -1 works and 1 has stopped receiving emails

I have 2 accounts setup on my EM client for 2 email accounts on EM Client and one is working fine and receiving emails as normal and one has stopped receiving emails , Last Wednesday the 12th oct was the last time i received and email on that account on EM Client but i can see lots if i log into my SKY email account on yahoo mail ,

When i click on show operations it shows that it is trying to syncronize the inbox folder for my email sky email address (imap) but it doesnt appear to show any progress . there are no errors shown ,

please can someone help with this ?

The version of EM Client is 9.1.2109(9967b93)

If this is a normal Yahoo IMAP type account and no errors showing as you say and your other account is sending and receiving email ok, then I would suggest to try “removing and re-adding this specific account” using the automatic email wizard at the top via “Menu / Accounts”.

Note: Backup eM Client first though via “Menu / Backup”. You can see when the backup is completed via “Menu / Operations”.

Failing that if you have any optional Antivirus programs, or optional Firewall Security programs or VPNs etc, try disabling those to test.