2 computers - 1 email address

Can I use either the free or the pro version on two computers (desktop and laptop) with the same email address?

eM Client is meant to be used on one computer if you have only one license.

How do I get two licenses for one email address delivering mail to two computers?

I’m not really sure if I understood your question but I’ll try to answer.

You need one licence for each computer. You can get free licence. Activation key with this ONE free licence will be send to the address you enter. You can’t get more free licences with one address.
Or you can buy more licences using one email address. You will get activation key and with this key you will be able to activate eM Client on more computers.

After activation you can create account (for the same address) in each installation of eM Client and messages for this address will be delivered to each computer.


Milos Kovalcik.

Can I have one free license and one paid license for the same email address? In other words: I pay for a license on my desktop for my one and only email address. Then I have a free license on my laptop which is also set up to receive mail for that same one and only email address. That way both computers get to use em client AND both computers are getting exactly the same email for exactly the same email address.

Hope this isn’t too confusing!

it works like that. If you pay for one licence you can use one free licence.


Milos Kovalcik.

Let’s go back: I have two separate computers, two separate people using them, two different addresses. Can I use the free version on EACH one?

you have to register two FREE licences and use it separately.

Thanks George. That’s what I figured out to do. Was on with Harry yesterday but lost him before we were finished ironing things out.

What about PRO version? I have 2 laptops. I must buy 2 licences?

If you have the PRO version, please contact the support directly

I do not have PRO version. I`m interested to buy it.

Hi Daniel,
please contact my colleague Micek directly at micek@emclient.com - he will answer all your questions regarding purchase.